12" House, Garage etc..

No. Artist Title Label Year Comments
1  Groove Submit to the beat Submission 1987  
2 4 Hero Combat dancin' Move wid the house groove Reinforced    
3 Adamski Live and direct Mca 1989 Uk issue LP
4 Adeva In and out of my life Easy street 1989  
5 Aly-Us Follow me Strictly Rhythm 1992  
6 Andre Holman presents……. Feel the music Pheerce  Citi 19XX US Issue
7 Aphrodisiac Your love Nugroove 1988  
8 Baby ford Oochy koochy Rhythm king    
9 Barbara Tucker Open your heart to love Fourth floor 1990  
10 Black Riot A day in the life Champion 1988  
11 Burrell Same Virgin 1988 ALBUM
12 C.C.Motiff Put a smile on your face JC 1989  
13 C.J.Lewis R to the A Black market 1995  
14 Chip E. Like this D.J. Int. 1985 US Issue
15 Chip E. If you only knew D.J. Int. 19XX US Issue
16 Cultural Vibe Ma foom bay Easy street 1986  
17 Curtis Mc Claine Let's get busy Trax Records 1988 US Issue
18 Curtis McClaine and the House Let's get busy Trax 1988 US Issue
19 Cutrage presents Choons! Pure bhoomie   Album
20 Darryl Pandy Climax Bright Star Records 1986 US Issue
21 Deskee let there be house Bass 1989  
22 Dionne Come get my lovin'/The 2nd comm Big shot 1989  
23 Dionne Your lies Big shot 1989  
24 Dmob C'mon and get my love Ffrr rec 1989  
25 Dominique Don't get tired on me Tuckwood 1986  
26 Doug Lazy Let it roll Grove St.    
27 Dunamis feat. Sahirah You can make it Un. sound of America 1990  
28 E.S.P. It's you Underground 1986  
29 Ed Terry Show me love Cardiac rec 1990  
30 Electribe 101 Taking with myself Mercury 1990  
31 Eric Bell Your love Trax 1987 US Issue
32 Fast Eddie Git on up D.J.Int 1989  
33 Fresh Dum dum Trax 1986  
34 Hardllouse The bass girl/Voices in my house Easy street 1989  
35 Hendrix Me wonna see ya dance Easy street 1989  
36 History feat. Q-Tee Atrica Sbkone    
37 How II House Time to feel the rhythm/Unlock the house Big shot 1989  
38 Impedance Tainted love Jumpin & Pumpin 1989  
39 Jack E Makossa The Opera house Champion 1987 UK Issue
40 Jamie Principle Date with the news Atlantic 1990  
41 Joe Smooth The promised land D.J. Int    
42 Johaetta AIston Keep the fire burning Global village    
43 Jungle Wonz The jungle Trax Records 1986 US Issue
44 K.Alexxi & Mod-Ta Dig this Underground    
45 Kechia Jenkins Still waiting Profile 1989  
46 Kirniesha Holmes Love me true Kool kat 1990  
47 L.U.S.T. 2 hot 2 stop Renec rec    
48 LFO Track 4/Probe Warp 1990 UK issue
49 Linda Law white label Perfecto   Promo
50 Lisa Joelle Don't take your love and go Renegade   Promo
51 Lisa Lee When can I call you Nu groove 1990  
52 Little Shawn Heartbreak hotel/My girl's mother Select 1987  
53 Liz Torres Mama's boy State Street Records 19XX US Issue
54 Loflis III Don't want to be right D.J.Int 1990  
55 Looney Tunes ep Just as long as I got you XL 1989  
56 Mac Thornilill Who's gonna ease the pressure lO rec 1988  
57 Master C & J When you hold me / Dub love Trax 1986 US Issue
58 Master C&J Face it/Jazy jack track State street    
59 Meat Beat Manifesto Psyche out Bias   Dutch issue
60 Meechie Bring me joy Vibe Music 1994 US Issue
61 Men Without Cause To life / Love starting over… Easy Street 1990 US Issue
62 Michael Lee-Marson Dream of eden Divine 1991  
63 Mike Dunn Dance you mutha Westbrook Records 19XX US Issue
64 Mike Dunn Dance you mutha Westbrook Records 19XX House
65 Mike Hitman Wilson Another sleepness night Arista 1990 Uk issue
66 MiTue feat. Louis Lang Was it love? Black Market 1994 UK Issue
67 Mr Fingers Beyond the clouds / Washing mashine / can you feel it Trax Records 1986 US Issue
68 Mr Fingers Beyond the clouds / Washing mashine / can you feel it Trax Records 1986 US Issue
69 Mr Lee Take me higher Impulse 19XX UK Issue
70 Mr Lee Do it to me Jive 1992 UK Issue
71 Munchie I'm coming out Tam Tam Records 19XX UK Issue
72 N. Y.House'N Authority Everything Nu Groove    
73 Orbital Chile/Deeper Oh'zone 7 UK label
74 Paul Haig Never give up Island    
75 Pleasure Pump Fantasize me State Street Records 1987 US Issue
76 Pleasure Pump Fantasize me State Street Records 1987 US Issue
77 Plus+one feat Sirron It's happenenin' Mca 1990  
78 Power House Feat. Outer space Nu Groove   EP
79 Private Pleasure Close to my heart /I'm in love with you Updown rec 1986  
80 Raze Let the music move u/Control me Grove St.    
81 Raze Jack the groove/oh song Grove st    
82 Rob Olsons Chicago jack tracks Rythin king 1986 Album
83 Rum & Black I'm not in love/F**k the legal stations Dance 1990  
84 Rush Hour It's gotta be you Star gaze 1988  
85 Shut up and dance 10 (to get in)Raps my occupation Dance rec   French Issue
86 Steve V Dirty cash Phonogram 1989  
87 Sweet Exorcist Testone remixes Warp 1990  
88 Ten City Right back to you Atlantic 1988  
89 The '06 Style Steppin' into the house/Cut the chase Profile 1990 b/w executive order
90 The Brother D Everybody dance City rhythm 1989  
91 The Movement Movement Underworld 1986  
92 The Scientist The bee/My first memory Kickin   Uk
93 The Style Council Promised land/Can U still love me? Polydor 1989  
94 The Todd Terry Project Back to the beat Sleeping bag 1986  
95 Toni Scott The chief/That's how I'm living Champion 1989  
96 Tonya Wynne It's to late for love NY. Groove 1986  
97 Total Capacity Ambience/Celebrate Strictly Rhythm 1991  
98 Tribal House Motherland/A-fri-ca Cooltempo 1990 Uk label
99 Tyree feat J.M~D. Move your body D.J.lnt    
100 Vertical Hold Summertime Criminal rec    
101 Vicky Martin Nowhere to run Movin 1985  
102 Virgo Free yourse11/under you/my space Trax 1986  
103 Voodoo Doll Women beat their men Breaking bones 1989  
104 XLT-15 Fantasy UFO/Fantasy XL 1990 Uk label
105 Xpansions Elevation Arista 1990 UK issue