12"/Albums - Rap, Hip Hop, Electro Miami Bass

No. Artist TItle Label Year Comments
1 2 Black 2 strong MMG Doin' it the hard way Rolativity 1991 ALBUM
2 4 Killers M.C.'s Killer rap Bee Pee Records 19XX US Issue
3 911 Twenty four / seven Jam Packed 1986 US Issue
4 Aaron Allen Do the whop (drop the bomb) Profile 19XX US Issue
5 Africa Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force Looking for the perfect beat 21 Records 1983 UK Issue
6 Afro - Rican Kool / This is how it should be done Hip Rock Records 1990 US Issue
7 Afro - Rican I can do that / Just let it go Hip Rock Records 1989 US Issue
8 Afro-Rican Give it all you got Sun town 1989 US Issue
10 Ahmad Touch the ceiling Giant 19XX US Issue
11 Akiem - Narkim + DJ Supreme The Brothers / I got rhythm B-Boy Records 19XX US Issue
12 Akiem & Narirn I got rhytthn B-boy rec 1987 US Issue
13 Anquette Funky stuff / Material girl / Let's rock & roll y'all Luke Skywalker 1989 US Issue
14 Antoinette Baby make it boom Next Plateau 1988 US Issue
15 Arabian Prince Gettin' down Orpheus rec 1990 US Issue
16 Arabian Prince She's got a big posse Arabian rec 19XX US Issue
17 Arabian Prince Dope thang Orpheus rec 19XX US Issue
18 Awesome MC's Dumb man Ria 1986 US Issue
19 B Boys, The Rock the house / Cuttin' Herbie Vintertainment 1983 US Issue
20 B Fats Music mastro Orpheus 1989 US Issue
21 B.G Knooc out & Dresta Real bros Out burst 1995 ALBUM
22 Bernard (Rapper Dapper) Thomas Got to be in got to be out Land of Hits 19XX US Issue
23 Big Daddy Kane Cause I can do it right / Dance with the devil Cold Chillin' 1990 US Issue
24 Blackmale Let it swing Ruff house 1989 US Issue
25 Body Guard Funkiest beat Hits in the groove 19XX US Issue
26 Bon Rock It's alright / B-Boy In the mix 19XX US Issue
27 Break Freak Inc. Just a break freak/Get down/Come on… Blapps 1990 UK issue
28 Broadnax & Robinson Go for yours Grand groove 19XX US Issue
29 Brother "D" with Collective Effort How we gonna make the black nation rise Island 19XX UK issue
30 BTX, The This jam is black Select 1991 US Issue
31 Captain Rock You stink / The house of rock Nia 1986 US Issue
32 Captain Rock Cosmic glide Nia 1982 US Issue
33 Captain Rock Cosmic blast Nia 1984 US Issue
34 Captain Sky You bring me up Triple T Records 19XX US Issue
35 Caveman Fry like a fish/Introduction to a caveman Profile 1990 UK issue
36 Charise I can't face the rain Zakia 19XX US Issue
37 Chubb Rock with Hitman Howie Tee I feel good / DJ Innovator Select 1988 US Issue
38 Clay D (The Beat Master) The D.J.'s hot A.J.'s records 198X US Issue
39 Cli-N-Tel 2030 Techno Hop 1986 US Issue
40 Compilation R rated rap Nu beat 1987 ALBUM
41 Compilation Rap Miami style Pandise 1990 US Issue
42 Compilation Cutting remixes Cutting Rec 1987 ALBUM
43 Connoisseurs of groove, The Reap and destroy Flint city 1987 ALBUM
44 Cookie Crew Females (get on up) Rhythm king 1987 US Issue
45 Cool C Juice crew dis Hilltop hustlers 1987 US Issue
46 Cybotron The line / Cosmic cars Fantasy 1982 US Issue
47 Cypress Hill Latin lingo / Stoned is the way…. Columbia 1992 US Issue
48 D.J. KJ. & MC, Kooley C Let's get this party started/We look good Beware 1986 US Issue
49 D.J. M.C's In the count of three / I wanna be (a funky d.j. m.c.) PMP 1987 US Issue
50 D.J. Magic Mike & M.C. Madness Class in session / Ain't no doubt about it RM Records 19XX US Issue
51 D.J. Unknown, The Bass tronic Macola rec 19XX US Issue
52 D.W. & The Party Crew Roxy Party Crew 1985 US Issue
53 Darkman Who's the Darkman Wildcard 19XX UK Issue
54 Davy D Ohh girl Def jam 1987 UK Issue
55 Davy D Feel for you / Davy's ride Def Jam 1987 US Issue
56 DDS  (Double D & Steinski) History of hip hop RPM Records 19XX US Issue
57 De La Soul Ring ring ring (ha ha hey) / Piles & piles of demo… Tommy Boy 1991 UK Issue
58 Dee Dee Ring my bell Techno Hop 19XX US Issue
59 Def Boys, The Caution StrweSome 1988 US Issue
60 Def Jef Soul food Delicious 1991 ALBUM
61 Der Mer Fall out Tashamba 1986 US Issue
62 Deron & Sarkis Heartbreaker I hear yal 1989 US Issue
63 Devastator Git loose Baas Town 1990 US Issue
64 Dezo Daz It's my turn Techno-Hop 1987 US Issue
65 Digital Underground The return of the crazy zone / Carry the way Tommy Boy 1993 US Issue
66 Dis Masters Black & proud / Skrum (and them some) Urban Rock 19XX US Issue
67 Dismaster Crew Keisha Urban Rock 1987 US Issue
68 Divine Sounds Dollar bill/What people do for money Specific 19XX US Issue
69 Divine Sounds Dollarbill / What people do for more money Specific 1984 US Issue
70 DJ Mike & MC  Cool D Ganster rock / Do that shit Effect Records 19XX US Issue
71 DJ. Magic Mike Vicious base Cheetah 1990 US Issue
72 Double Trouble's Collective Effort Rave & celebrate Desire 1990 US Issue
73 Double-Z Bored to tears Warn.Bros. 1990 Red Vinyl
74 Doug E. Fresh Summertime Reality 1989 US Issue
75 Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew All the way to heaven Reality 1986 US Issue
76 Dr Freshh Outlaw's dance Zakia 1985 US Issue
77 Dr. Fresh Roxane's doctor - The real man Zakia 19XX US Issue
78 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde Yellow panties/Freshest rhymes in the world Profile 1985 US Issue
79 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde Transformation / Scratch on galaxy Profile 1986 US Issue
80 DST Mega-mix II (why is it fresh) Celluloid 1984 US Issue
81 Duke Bootee Broadway Beauty & B 19XX US Issue
82 Dynamic Force It's not right Ebony Coast 1984 US Issue
83 Egyptian Lover, The The Alezby Inn Egyptian empire 19XX US Issue
84 Egyptian Lover, The I  want cha / The D.S.L.'s Nu Beat 1988 US Issue
85 Egytian Lover Freak a holic Egytian -empire 19XX US Issue
86 Empire Six Nervous Shockk 1990 US Issue
88 Eze 'T' (DJ Dazz) Kicking butts Force Groove records 19XX US Issue
89 Fabulous Friends, the Magic Bevnik 1984 US Issue
90 Flea Hard rock ( it's the beat of the street) Atlantic 19XX US Issue
91 Flick Flock Destroyer Straight up 1988 US Issue
92 Force & D.J. Devastator, The Force groove / Fell the force Force Groove 1987 US Issue
93 Force & Master Jam feat. SQC Superstar Prelude 1985 US Issue
94 Force M.D.'s Itchin' for a scratch Tommy Boy 1985 US Issue
95 Frankie Smith Double dutch bus Wmot 1980 US Issue
96 Freddy B./Mighty Mic Masters We're back/Coolin' on the ave. Tuff city 19XX US Issue
97 Fresh 3 M.C.'s Have your heart / A few minutes more Profile 1984 US Issue
98 Fresh Girls  Mandingos I got bass Needle in the groove 1986 US Issue
99 Fresh kid ice I'll be there Luke Skywalker 1992 US Issue
100 FU Share your love H.E 19XX US Issue
101 Funkdoobiest Rock on Epic/Immortal 1995 US Issue
102 Funkmaster Wizard Wiz Put that head out Tuff City 19XX US Issue
103 Funky Four Feel it Sugar Hill 1983 US Issue
104 G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid Play that beat Mr DJ Tommy boy 1983 US Issue
105 George Kranz The laws of dancing / Bla bla bla - 19XX US Issue
106 Get Fresh Girls, The Pump it up (Get busy) Breakaway 1991 US Issue
107 Gigolo Tony Smurf rock Gold 1986 US Issue
108 Gigolo Tony Dance with the boogie/Can't nobody love you Parkwax 1989 US Issue
109 Grand Master Flash/Furious Five The message Sugar Hill 19XX UK issue
110 Great Peso & Mr Nasty It's time to rock C.C.L. 1984 US Issue
111 Group Therapy East Coast/West coast Killas-Remixes Interscope 1996 US Issue
112 Gucci Crew The cabbage patch Gucci 1987 US Issue
113 Gucci Crew Pushin Gucci 1990 US Issue
114 H.W.A. All that (juzt a liitle action) Ruthless 1993 US Issue
115 Hashim Al-Naafiysh(The soul) Cutting 1983 US Issue
116 Highland place Mobsters Iets get naked LaFace rec 1992 ALBUM
117 Hip Rock Nothing but bass / Skateboarding Paradise 1987 US Issue
118 Howie & Jackie All out of cash Music of life 1989 US Issue
119 Hurt em' bad N.b.a/You got the ball Groove time 19XX US Issue
120 Ice Cube Bopgun 4th n' broadway 1994 US Issue
121 Ice Cube You know how we do it Irriorty 1994 US Issue
122 II Unique She's just a freak Partycrew 1986 US Issue
123 Ikim & Bacardi Funk rap Land of hits 19XX US Issue
124 Imperial Brothers Live it up Cutting Records 1985 US Issue
125 Inform It's all about a dollar(cash money) Madono rec 1988 US Issue
126 Invisibles, The Donkie kong (Catch you in the break) Dubwise 1984 US Issue
127 Invisibles, The I wanna dance with you / Bad beats Needle in the groove 1986 US Issue
128 Invisibles, The Donkey kong (catch you in the break) Dubwise 1984 US Issue
129 It's K.O. f**k the Dj/Get a load of this Blapps 1992 UK issue
130 J.D. Krush Krush style Sound Makers Records 1986 US Issue
131 Jazzy D That's what I did Techno - Hop 1986 US Issue
132 Jefferson ink Fight the pipe Houston Int'l. 19XX US Issue
133 Jewel T Rock nice/ Ride the crossfade Jewel Records 1987 US Issue
134 Jonzun Crew Lovin' Tommy boy 19XX US Issue
135 Jungle Bros. I'll house you/Straight out the jungle Gee Street 1988 UK Issue
136 Just Four Games of life Express Records 19XX US Issue
137 Just Ice Masterpiece Fresh 1990 ALBUM
138 Just-Ice Na touch da just / Freedom of speech Fresh 1988 US Issue
139 Kay Gee feat.D.J.Drew My record is hot/Big beat B-boy rec 1987 4 track 12"
140 KC Flight Planet E/Dancin' machine Rca 1989 US Issue
141 Kid Frost La Raza Virgin 1990 US Issue
142 Kid Frost La Raza / In the city Virgin 1990 US Issue
144 Kid Nice I want you to like it GT  Records 1984 US Issue
145 Kid Panic/Adventures of D.Dean We can do this S.o.u.l 19XX US Issue
146 King MC What have I done for you lately? Street talk 19XX US Issue
147 King Sun XL Profile 1989 ALBUM
148 KIng Sun On the club tip Zakia 1989 US Issue
149 KIng Sun Mythological rapper / Hey love Zakia 1987 US Issue
150 Klintun Beat box rap (my generation) Rap Records USA 1987 US Issue
151 Kris kross Jump Columbia 1992 US Issue
152 Krush 2 Ghetto jump / Ghetto beats Sunnyview 1986 US Issue
153 Kurtis Blow Starlite Mercury 19XX US Issue
154 Kurtis Blow 8 million stories / AJ Scratch Mercury 1984 US Issue
155 L.L. Cool J I can give you more / I can't live without my radio Def Jam 1985 US Issue
156 Les Love & The Love Kids Let's get it on Express Records 19XX US Issue
157 Likkie Wicked No rush Luke Skywalker 1992 US Issue
158 Linda Imperial Extra credit Columbia 19XX US Issue
159 Little Casper and the Mx's The Ultimate Warlord JDC 19XX US Issue
160 Love Bug Starski You've gotta believe/Starski live at the …. The fever 19XX US Issue
161 M.C. Cazze Tripping Parkplace 1988 US Issue
162 M.C. Shan I pioneered this Cold Chillin' 1988 US Issue
163 M.C. Sugar Ray & Stranger D. Knock 'em out Sugar Ray / If it ain't rough it ain't right Next Plateau 1989 US Issue
164 M.C.Boob AKA Steady B Yo mutha / Bring the beat back Pop Art 1986 US Issue
165 M.C.Express Get busy Madono rec 1987 US Issue
166 M.C.'s of Rap Domination M.C's Rap rec 19XX US Issue
167 M.C.Shy-D Groove / Bass for your face Benz 1990 US Issue
168 Maniacs, The Saturday night 25 West Records 19XX US Issue
169 Markey Fresh The map of rap Jive 1989 US Issue
170 Marxman Ship ahoy Talkin loud 19XX US Issue
171 Masterdon Committee, The Musicgram Enjoy 1984 US Issue
172 Masterdon Committee, The Funkbox 2 Profile 1985 US Issue
173 Maxtrack Orchestra Love is the message Profile 1988 US Issue
174 MC Cool Rock & MC Chaszy Chess Boot the booty Vision 1988 US Issue
176 MC Eric aka me one Jealous / you're outta here / before we get started Meone 19XX UK Issue
177 MC Hammer They put me in the mix Capitol 1988 UK Issue
178 MC Hammer They put me in the mix Capitol 1988 UK Issue
179 MC Martay & DJ DBM Beyond control / Female force GTI Records 19XX UK Issue
180 MC Martay & DJ DBM Beyond control / Female force GTI Records 19XX UK Issue
181 MC Player Rhyming rampage / The Kid's a wizzard 4 Sight 1987 US Issue
182 MC Twist & The Def Squad The house jumps / So ruff Luke Skywalker 19XX US Issue
183 MC Twist/Def Squad Shock the house/R.O.A. Luke Skywalker 19XX US Issue
184 MC's of Rap This is the jam / Rock steady Rap records 19XX US Issue
185 MC's of Rap Boogie in your body / CP Boogie Rap Records 19XX US Issue
186 Mighty Ethnic Free style/B style Good times 19XX UK issue
187 Most Wanted Crazy about your loving / I like it Utopia Records 1989 US Issue
188 Motor City Crew, The Let's break Motown 1983 US Issue
189 Nami On the street Jamaazima 1984 US Issue
190 Naughty By Nature Craziest/Holdin' fort Tommy Boy 1995 Ltd. edition
191 Naughty by Nature Hip hop hooray / The hood comes first Tommy Boy 1993 US Issue
192 Newcleus Na na beat Sunnyview 1986 US Issue
193 Newcleus Cyborg dance / Space is the place Sunnyview 1985 US Issue
194 Newtrament London Bridge is falling down Jive 1983 US Issue
195 Nice & Smooth Dirty dawg Columbia 1993 US Issue
196 Nicky Baby Love Bass that tune Vol.1/House that.. N.B.L. 1990 US Issue
197 Nitro Deluxe On a mission / Mission (say your love) Cutting Records 1987 US Issue
198 Nitro Deluxe Journey to cybotron (transform) Cutting Records 1986 US Issue
199 Nubian M.O.B Farway to go Cold Chilin' 19XX US Issue
200 Nu-Skool I wanna know  what makes you dance Force groove 1988 US Issue
201 Ose Comuter funk Bound sound 19XX US Issue
202 Outlaw Partytime Gee street 1992 UK. Issue
204 Paul Hardcastle King tut Profile 19XX US Issue
205 Phase 2 The roxy Celluloid 19XX US Issue
206 Playaz Tryna Strive (P.T.S.) They say Y.D.L.L. Sick wid it 19XX US Issue
207 Point Blank MC's Hard to the body Beauty and the Beast 19XX US Issue
208 Poison Clan Don't sleep on a hizzo/put sh-t pass no ho Luke Skywalker 1993 US Issue
209 Poison Clan The b…h that I hate/Low life….. Luke Skywalker 19XX US Issue
210 Praxis 1984 / Nbs-a / Last wish / Nbs-x / Cut-time.. Celluliod 1984 US Issue
211 Pretty Tony Fix in the mix Music specialists 1984 US Issue
213 Pretty-Pretty aka Sweet P's Nasty habits Bush Baby 19XX US Issue
214 Prime Time He's deff/So damm tuff Sun Town rec 1989 US Issue
215 Professor X Years of the 9/Vanglorious crib 4th 'n Broadway 19XX US Issue
216 Pumkin King of the beat Profile 1983 US Issue
217 Raheem The vigilante A&M 1988 US Issue
218 Raheem The Dream Cutie pie Grand theft 1990 US Issue
219 Rashien Here comes santa Rooftop rec 1988 US Issue
220 Ray Rock & K.C. Free styling/Voices without music/The incredible Ray N.V. 1985 US Issue
221 Real Image, The Signal Force Groove 1988 US Issue
222 Redhead King pin/Fbi A shade of red Ten rec 1989 ALBUM
223 Rhythm Makers Ltd. Unicycle rap / Take note / Unicycle searching rap Star Vision 1985 US Issue
224 Rock Force Let's rock this party Joey Boy 1988 US Issue
225 Rodney -O Joe Cooley This is for the homie Egyptian Empire 19XX US Issue
226 Ron Hunt Spider Star Records 19XX US Issue
227 Run D.M.C You be illin'/Hit it run London 1986 US Issue
228 Run D.M.C. Hollis crew Profile 1984 US Issue
229 Russell Brothers, The The party scene Portrait 1983 US Issue
230 Salt 'n' Pepa You showed me Ffrr 1991 UK. Issue
231 Samples Syndicates Hijack Domino Records 1989 UK Issue
232 Sangria To the beat y'all / Looseon forty duce Reel to Reel 19XX US Issue
233 Schoolly D Smoke some kill Jive 1988 US Issue
234 Schoolly D ….ain't nothing / Mama feel good Schoolly D 1989 US Issue
235 Shaborn From the bottom to the top Sterling gold 1988 US Issue
236 Shango Shango message Celluloid 19XX US Issue
237 Shango Zulu groove Celluloid 19XX US Issue
238 Shelton -D We can do this Zakia 1988 US Issue
239 Sir Mix-A-Lot I'll roll with you Nastymix Records 1989 US Issue
240 Skratch You should have known better Passion 1985 US Issue
241 Smooth Ice Do it again JDK Records 1990 US Issue
242 South Bronx The bottom line Rissa Chissa 1982 US Issue
243 Sparky Dee vs. The Playgirls The battle Nia 1985 US Issue
244 Spectrum Takin' it to the top Smokey 1981 US Issue
245 Spider-D Placin' the beat Profile 1984 US Issue
246 Spider-D I can't wait (to rock the mike) Profile 1986 US Issue
247 Spider-D Presents battle of the raps Next Plateau 1985 US Issue
248 Spoonie Gee New love rap Enjoy 19XX US Issue
249 Steinski & Mass Media We'll be right back 4th. & B'way 1986 US Issue
250 Street Kings Getting' fresher Hi wen 19XX US Issue
251 Sugar Kay & The Mighty Three Rock on Specific 19XX US Issue
252 Sugarhill Gang Rapper' delight Sugarhill 19XX Red label
253 Super  Lover Cee & Casanova Rud Girls I got 'em locked Dna 1988 US Issue
254 Supreme Rock rollin' Fresh cut 1986 US Issue
255 Sweet D Do do it/Turn it Trax 1986 US Issue
256 Symphonic Evolution Revolution! Ramataz 1988 ALBUM
257 T La Rock Come and give it to me Sleeping bag 1989 UK. Issue
258 T La Rock Housin' with the T's Fresh 1989 US Issue
259 T.C. Islam Can you play it / Funky fresh / Play it loud Tri State Records 19XX US Issue
260 T.N.T feat. DJ Boom Bobby the little boy Force groove 1988 US Issue
261 T.Ski Valley Valley style Capo 19XX US Issue
262 The 2 Live Crew Do wah diddy/I Can’t go for that Luke Skywalker 19XX US Issue
263 Thrashpack Cooling in paradie Music of life 19XX US Issue
264 Tim Dog F-ck Compton / forget Compton Columbia 1991 US Issue
265 Time Zone The wildstyle Celluloid 19XX US Issue
266 Tone-Loc Cool hand loc Delicious 1990 ALBUM
267 Tone-Loc Wild thing/Loc'ed after dark Delicious 1988 US Issue
268 Tony 'M.F.' Rock Street resident Effects Records 1989 US Issue
269 Tony Rock Freak that girl/Street resident Effect 1989 US Issue
270 Tony Rock Keep dancin' / I'm that type of n… Effects Records 1989 US Issue
271 Tony Rock She put me in a trance / Still doin' it Effect Records 19XX US Issue
272 Tony Tee (The Composer) Expressing my thoughts/Rap is music Rooftop 19XX US Issue
273 Top Billin' Straight from the soul Rap sonic 1988 UK. Issue
274 Top Billin' My thing/Surprise Phongram 19XX US Issue
275 Tranquillizing 3 A fact of life / Vote like you party Aprexion 1983 US Issue
276 Trenchcoat Get a clue / Hey dude Slik 1987 US Issue
277 Trickeration Rap, bounce, rockskate Sound of New York 1980 US Issue
278 Trinere I know you love me Pandisc 1989 US Issue
279 Trinere I know you love me Jam packed 1986 US Issue
280 Trinere Can't get enough Jam Packed 19XX US Issue
281 Trinere I know you love me Jam Packed 1986 US Issue
282 Trouble Trev & Cosmic Cool Her comes trouble / Get bizy Dynasty 1987 US Issue
283 TSOB Crew Jesse, you're number one Nia 1984 US Issue
284 U.T.F.O. Split personality(the remix) Select 1986 US Issue
285 Unknown DJ Basstronic - 19XX US Issue
286 Unknown DJ Basstronic Techno - Kut 19XX US Issue
287 Velore & Double O We're coming correct Invasion/Virgin 1987 ALBUM
288 VHB, The Beethoven's fifth (street) symphony Vintertainment 1984 US Issue
289 Whistle "Same" Select 1986 US Issue
290 Whistle We're called Whistle / Just For fun Select 1986 US Issue
291 Whiz Kid He's got the beat Tommy Boy 1985 US Issue
292 Who me Every ba-t-rock Sugar bear 1983 US Issue
293 Who Me Every bat-rock Sugar Bear Records 1983 US Issue
294 Willie Roach & Catawba High 5 High 5 1985 US Issue
295 Wreckin' Cru', The Surgery Kru  Cut 19XX US Issue
296 Wrecks-N-Effect Let's do it again Atlantic 1988 US Issue
297 Yvonne What about me Cutting Records 1988 US Issue
298 Yvonne DeLeon I can't face the fact Cutting rec 1990 US Issue