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This site is dedicated to Black & Dance Music (vinyl no CD's) from the 60's to the 90's. All the records on display are available to purchase. The pages are updated frequently. Please check the 'recent additions' page for the latest additions. At a later stage those records will be transferred to there relevant page. Please quote the record number with the artist/title because the numbers may change when new titles have been added.Records are received weekly and sold daily but some titles do not appear on the site because they either go onto the monthly list that I send out (when I can get round to it) or are on offer at theRECORD FAIRS that I organize or attend. To receive a list please forward your address (not email address).

If you have not found what you have been looking for please send an email to me because I may have a copy that has not been added to the site.

Please select 'Record Fairs' on left frame to view details of various fairs - UK & overseas


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