Albums 5-10

No. Artist Title Label Year Comments
321 Hi Energy Shoulda gone dancin' Motown 1979 US Issue
322 Hodges, James & Smith What have you done for love London 1978 US Issue
323 Horace Silver Quintet & Trio, The Blowin' the blues away Blue Note 19XX US Issue
324 Hot If that's the way you want it Big tree 1978 Feat. Gwen Owens
325 Howard Kenny Super star Warn bros 19XX US Issue
326 Hubert Laws Land of passion Columbia 1979 Jazz
327 Human Arts Ensemble Whisper of Dharma Arista 1977 Jazz
328 Human Body Cosmic round up Elektra 1985 US Issue
329 Human Body, The Make you shake it Bearsville Records 1984 US Issue
330 Hummingbirds Diamond nights A&M 1977 Incs. You can't hide love
331 Idris Muhammad Make it count Fantasy 1980 US Issue
332 Ike Turner The edge Fantasy 1980 US Issue
333 Imagination Closer Rca 1987 US Issue
334 Inc. Thang Band Lifestyles of the roach & famous Warn. bros 1988 P funk
335 Incognito Jazzfunk Ensign 1981 UK Group
336 Ingram That's all H&L 1977 US Issue
337 Ingram Family, The The funk is in our music Excello 1976 US Issue
338 Innocence Belief Cooltempo 1990 UK Issue
339 Isley Bros., The Grand slam T-Neck 1981 US Issue
340 Isley Bros., The Inside you T-neck 1981 US Issue
341 Isley Bros., The Go all the way Tneck 1980 US Issue
342 Isley, Jasper Isley Broadway's closer to sunset Blvd Cbs 1984 US Issue
343 Isley, Jasper ,Isley Broadway's closer to…. Cbs 1984 Sealed
344 Israel Tolbert Pooper Stopper Warren 19XX US Issue
345 Issac Hayes Black Moses Stax 19XX US Issue
346 Ivy II Heat 19XX US Issue
347 Izit The whole affair Tongue & groove 1993 US Issue
348 J T and the big Family The Album Champion 1990 UK Issue
349 Jackie Moore I'm on my way Columbia 1979 US Issue
350 Jackie Wilson This love is real Brunswick 1970 US Issue
351 Jackie Wilson Beautiful day Brunswick 1972 US Issue
352 Jacksons, The Destiny Epic 1978 UK issue
353 Jaison "Same" Jettsett 1977 US Issue
354 Jakata Light the night Morocco 1984 US Issue
355 James Brown I got you King(946) 19XX US Issue
356 James Brown People Polydor 1980 US Issue
357 James Brown At the Apollo vol.1 Polydor 19XX UK issue
358 James Brown Sex machine today Polydor 1975 US Issue
359 James Mason Rhythm of life Chiaroscuro Records 19XX US Issue
360 James Robinson Guilty Tabu 19XX US Issue
361 James Taylor No way out Gsp 1894 Sealed
362 Jamie Foxx Peep this Foxx Records 1994 US Issue
363 Jammers, The "Same" Salsoul 1982 US Issue
364 Jane Terry So real (body on body) Love Joy 19XX US Issue
365 Janet Jackson Control A&M 1986 UK Issue
366 Janice Bullock Don't start a fire WRC 1987 US Issue
367 Janice Lowe One love Dallas groove 19XX US Issue
368 Jay W.McGee Survivor Quantum 1988 US Issue
369 Jazz at the Philharmonic at the Montreux festival '75 Pablo 1975 Jazz - Sealed
370 Jean Carne You're a part of me Atlantic 1988 US Issue
371 Jean Carne Closer than close Omni 1986 US Issue
372 Jeff Floyd Changing time Drp 1992 US Issue
373 Jeff Lorber Private passion Warn. Bros 1986 US Issue
374 Jeff Lorber It's a Fact Arista 1982 US Issue
375 Jeffrey Osborne "Same" A&m 1982 US Issue
376 Jeffrey Osborne Only human Arista 1990 US Issue
377 Jeffrey Valentine Lonely room Daran 19XX US Issue
378 Jennifer Holliday I'm on your side Arista 1991 US Issue
379 Jermaine Jackson Frontiers Motown 1978 US Issue
380 Jermaine Jackson Let me tickle your fancy Motown 1982 US Issue
381 Jerry Knight Love on our side A & M 1983 UK Issue
382 Jewel T Rock nice / Ride the crossfade Jewel Records 1987 US Issue
383 Jimmy Messina Oasis Columbia 1979 US Issue
384 Jimmy Smith Unfinished business Mercury 1978 Jazz
385 Jimmy Smith the organ bluenote ? Jazz
386 Joe Crawford & Strate Feat. King David "Same" Cindy L 1989 US Issue
387 Joe Sample Voices in the rain Mea 1981 Jazz
388 John & Arthur Simms "Same" Casablanca 1980 US Issue
389 John Bartel Bartel Perception 19XX US Issue
390 John Coltrane  Altenate takes Atlantic 1974 Jazz
391 John Davis & His Monster Orchestra Strikes again Columbia 1979 US Issue
392 John Edwards Life, love & understanding Cotillion 1976 US Issue
393 John Payne John Payne's 1st album Broatield 1974 Jazz
394 John White Night people Warn. Bros 1987 US Issue
395 Johnny Guitar Watson I don't want to be alone.. Fantasy 1975 US Issue
396 Johnny Otis Show, The Cuttin' up Epic ? US Issue
397 Johnny Robinson Memphis high Epic 19XX US Issue
398 Johnson & Branson "Same" A&M Records 1989 US Issue
399 Jon Lucien Song for my lady Columbia 1975 US Issue
400 Jon Whitehead I need money bad Mercury 1988 US Issue

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